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On Camera Audition Class

A student being recorded and learning the art of acting on camera
Improve your cold reading skills and gain a major confidence boost with our Audition Class

Bring Your Auditions to Life!

This course offers actors with previous on camera training a chance to sharpen their auditioning technique, understand the auditioning and casting process.

It’s an audition technique class, focusing on shows that film in Vancouver (either currently or will be resuming production in the near future). This class will teach you how to make your auditions come alive in a setting that will simulate the exact process of a real audition. Following a timeframe that is standard to the industry, you will be given the same amount of time to prepare as you would for the real thing. We tape the scene once, review with notes, and then get back up in front of the camera to make these adjustments (with coaching the second round). Students are encouraged to bring SD cards so they can keep the footage for review at home or for their demos. During the last 15 minutes of class, we wind down with a brief chat about the film industry in Vancouver, agents, casting, etc.
Find your confidence in the audition room by going through the process every week and learning how to use your strengths to make you stand out!

Instructor: Maia (Knibb) Michaels IMDB

Maia Knibb (Michaels) is lovely, warm and approachable instructor from Australia, who works both as an actress and Casting Assistant alongside a prominent Casting Director in Vancouver to select cast for shows filming in BC. She has previously lived and worked in Los Angeles, and has extensive experience in both theatre and film. With over 30 casting credits already to her name, Maia’s insight into the auditioning and casting process is invaluable and allows her students to gain a concrete understanding of how to create auditions that leave a strong impression on casting; do’s and dont’s in an audition; the selection process and build their awareness of what is currently happening with productions in BC.

When: Tuesday Evenings 6pm – 9pm
Next Start Date: Sep 27th – Oct 18th (4 weeks) (SOLD OUT)
Cost: $250 (4 classes)

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Learning from someone who actually works in casting and truly understands the auditioning and casting process makes all the difference in the world understanding my type as an actor, roles I should be going out for and how to prepare for my next chance in the room.
VADA Audition Student
Registration Information

  • No Application Fee is required
  • Applicants must be 17 years or older
  • Must have previously completed a Certificate or Diploma program at VADA (or completion of a comparable program, deemed so by VADA’s Artistic Director).

Note: “Comparable programs of study” will be considered provided there are a minimum of 3 months of full time study in the areas of performing arts. Proof of this study will be evidenced by one of Certificate, Diploma, or Degree, copies of which will be placed in the prospective student’s file.

Admissions Interview

Full Tuition Payment (or 30% deposit to hold your seat, with full payment due upon first day of class)

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