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Learn to create memorable characters and book the role!

A student being recorded and learning the art of acting on camera
Improve your cold reading skills and gain a major confidence boost with our Audition Class

4-Week On Camera Audition Class in Vancouver, BC

Auditioning can be a stressful and daunting experience, especially when it comes to finding a way to stand out. When you walk into the audition room, you want to be radiating confidence and focus. While attitude and a friendly, positive personality will serve you well, what you actually do and choices you make for the character will determine if you get the role. 

Acting classes focus on the “Process” of acting, whereas On Camera Audition classes focus on the performance aspects. No matter what level of acting talent you possess, it’s imperative that you make strong, bold choices that justify both who you believe your character is and those that support the story. In class, your instructor will be providing supportive, actionable feedback you can immediately apply since casting also wants to know that you’re willing to take risks and give new things a try and that you can take notes constructively and apply them. 

Our instructor may choose a scene for you that shows off your strengths, maybe even a little bit of your own personality. Other times, you may get a role that pushes you completely out of your comfort zone; one that challenges you to explore and inhabit a character whose personality is polar opposite your own. Therein lies the art of acting. 

Auditions should be looked at as both a learning experience as well as an opportunity to show your art. While many things will be out of your control in an audition, a chance to show those making the decisions that you really understand the character you are portraying is the one thing you can control.

By continually working hard and practicing auditioning skills, you learn to get comfortable with the audition process, which in turn allows that little light inside of you to shine through (rather than nerves) when your name gets called.

Note: Students need to purchase their own SD card, if they want to to record their scene(s) and take them away with them.

Next Start Dates:

Monday October 23rd to November 20th

Time: 6-9pm


Cost: $250 (4 classes)

Learning from someone who actually works in casting and truly understands the auditioning and casting process makes all the difference in the world understanding my type as an actor, roles I should be going out for and how to prepare for my next chance in the room.
VADA Audition Student
Registration Information

  • No Application Fee is required
  • Applicants must be 17 years or older
  • Must have previously completed a Certificate or Diploma program at VADA (or completion of a comparable program, deemed so by VADA’s Artistic Director).

Note: “Comparable programs of study” will be considered provided there are a minimum of 3 months of full-time study in the areas of performing arts. Proof of this study will be evidenced by one of Certificate, Diploma, or Degree, copies of which will be placed in the prospective student’s file.

Admissions Interview

Full Tuition Payment (or 30% deposit to hold your seat, with full payment due upon first day of class)

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