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Youth and Teen Scene Study

4-Week Acting Classes for Youth & Teens (Ages 10-18) in Vancouver, BC

Scene study is often referred to as “the actor’s sandbox” and for good reason. Scene study involves utilizing creativity to work together in the world of make-believe to make a scene that is believable. Students will be given a specific scene, (within their age range and expectations of life experience) from a movie or television series and work on it in front of our professional actor/instructor and their peers.

Students decide for themselves how they initially want to approach the scene, then receive specific constructive feedback that helps them improve their choices, craft and abilities in specific roles to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

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Scene Study is a very important part of the actor’s process because it makes the actor harness his or her skill set to create a performance. Technique classes are where actors learn the exercises and build up their foundational skills, Scene Study is where they put it all together to explore different writers, styles and genres of scripts and practice creating different characters.

Timing, focus, and taking direction are all part of a scene study as actors learn how to break down a script into playable actions, as well as develop their dexterity to approach different characters truthfully.

Scene study is a chance to take risks in an actor’s work. Key to progress in Scene Study is finding a teacher you trust, feel comfortable with and work with over time. It takes a while for an instructor to really learn how each actor works, so give them time to learn how to help you grow as an actor.

Research shows that skills acquired through the performing arts – creativity, problem-solving and flexible thinking, radically improves outcomes for our children. In fact, for many, access to expression through the arts is essential to mental health and their way of being in the world.

"The Dramatic Arts Program is incredible! The best thing is that the teachers are all working actors and so they're up to date on their information about the film industry in Vancouver. I found this program highly informative. VADA is the best option for anyone looking to get into acting."

- Alex McDonald

Upcoming Course Dates

Date: October 20 - November 17, 2024 (Sundays)

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Class Size: 12 max (6 Pairs)

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Tuition: $250 (includes tax)

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