Is an Acting Career Right for You?

Youth and Teen Audition Class

Get the Skills to Improve Your Audition Techniques

Through professional instruction, students are introduced to, practice and inherit techniques for auditioning and creating authentic characters that are emotionally connected to the scripts for lead roles, supporting roles, actor roles and commercials. By training for a range of roles, students learn the types of characters they enjoy playing most; hero, listener, kind-hearted guy, bad guy, sweetheart, mean girl, etc.

Developing confidence when faced with the stress of auditioning results in students not shutting down in auditions, and instead retaining a sense of humour and that all-important spark they have that makes them unique and causes people to smile!When a young actor possesses character, talent, drive, interest, confidence and experience, they are able to make the best impression and get the most out of an audition.

Students have an option to bring their own SD card so that the instructor can record their auditions which the students can then bring home and share with their parents.

How Agents work with Auditions and Casting

"When upcoming projects are posted, my job is to match the talent to the role and give my suggestions to Casting. Casting will then select who they would like to see for daytime auditions the next day. I will email the basic information with a quick introduction (a slate: the child’s full name, age and agency). At the audition, the talent is often asked a simple question to show their personality and/or they may be asked to act out a little scenario with other actors (kids or adults). This process needs a child who can improvise and just be themselves, on demand, in any group setting. Auditions are taped to show an actor’s: camera awareness, emoting, and other acting skills like; saying lines naturally, and showing a basic knowledge of jargon such as ’slate’, ’action’ and ‘cut’."

—Pamela Wise, Premiere Talent Agency

Upcoming Course Dates

Date: September 8 - October 6, 2024 (Sundays)

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: $250.00 (incl Tax)

*Students who have received equivalent on camera acting training from other youth or teen acting programs may also apply to take part in VADA’s Audition classes.