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On-Camera Acting Intensive Certificate​

Full Time Boot-Camp Style Training for Faster Results

Formally known as the Two-Week Intensive, the On Camera Acting Intensive is similar to the Intro to Acting Certificate curriculum as the Intro to Acting class, however it is full-time. Full-time training gets faster results and is recommended for more committed actors. This course is almost twice the amount of class hours as the ITA, so you get more practice and skill-development time.

This course is especially recommended for beginners and those with a theatre background looking to start in film. Don’t be fooled by the word “intro”! It’s an intro to the professional level of on-camera acting. So, for those of you with previous training in high school drama, university theatre or introductory film classes/workshops, this course is for you! This is where you learn VADA’s techniques and basics, covering all areas of film acting. Missing out on this foundation can stunt your growth in our more advanced classes or leave holes in your training.

We start with text analysis, breaking down the script and preparing your material. You work with scenes while getting into emotions and characters. You will learn the elements of a scene such as beats, transition of power, and high/low status. Then we film your work and show you camera technique and the technical aspect of acting on set for the camera. Next, you learn how to audition for Film/TV roles, on-camera cold reads and audition room etiquette. Commercial auditions are also part of the audition component.

Included in the On Camera Acting Intensive is an intro to the business side of things. You will learn more about the industry including; headshots, building your resume and sending out those packages to agents!

"‘On-Camera Acting’ provides essential lessons for actors who want to work on-screen. You are exposed to the process of audition tapes, cold readings and made aware of your methods and how to improve your style of action. It is a fantastic 2-week course that allows you to grasp the basics of how acting on film works and gives a great kickstart to your career! Very wonderful teachers, who are also great acting coaches and mentors, with plenty of experience from both the American and Canadian film industry - but most importantly, have a lot of wisdom to share on how to get things right early on! This acting course is unique in that you are given the opportunity to train yourself and watch how you appear on screen - less about learning lines (like other acting courses) and more about adopting actionable methods to conquer the film industry!"

—Tina Papados

Upcoming Course Dates

Date: July 8 - July 19, 2024
September 9 - September 20, 2024

Time: Monday to Friday from 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Course Duration: 2 weeks

Fee:$899.00 + tax = $943.95(CDN)

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