Is an Acting Career Right for You?


Objective vs Subjective

  Your job as an actor is to serve the story, secondly to serve the director and his vision, and lastly to the character. When

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Sacrifice in Acting

  As someone who trains actors everyday I see a very common mistake. No sacrifice. These people feel they can come in, take a few

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Revealing Character

In a play or film, your character will reveal who he truly is as the piece plays out.  Let me elaborate on this.  As a

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Confidence is Key

  Out of all the training you could possibly endure, through all the scene study, dialect classes, movement and so on, there is one key

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Commitment is Key

  Let me preface by saying commitment is not dedication. There is a clear distinction between the two. Commitment is about the role you take on as

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Listening in Acting

In acting school, you heard of this time and time again — “you need to listen”.  That very essential thing.  That quality that gets you

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Secrets To Acting

You have a secret? Have you ever told anyone? Does the idea of telling people something very private about yourself make you nervous? That deep

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