Is an Acting Career Right for You?

Sacrifice in Acting


No ExcusesAs someone who trains actors everyday I see a very common mistake. No sacrifice. These people feel they can come in, take a few classes and become an actor. Most of the time, they fail, but not because of lack of opportunity or talent, but because of this “no sacrifice” work ethic.

One of the most common pitfalls an actor comes across is the above. They are not willing to change their comfy lifestyles. We are in an age of complacency.  We live comfortably, beyond our means and expect the end game without the due diligence. In that we have a new affliction. It is what we call “learned helplessness”. This is how we live nowadays – Netflix, fast food, internet – comfy, comfy, comfy. But now, get someone to study acting where they have to read a book, study lines and become emotional. Oh no, not emotional! God forbid they ever become emotional. That would be uncomfortable therefore unreasonable.

In pursuant of an acting career we all have to make sacrifices. We have to change our plans last minute to work on an audition.  We have to save up so we can afford training or learn a new skill.  We have to take time out of our day to practice dialects or work on our voice. We have to work hard, so we can play a character. If you are finding yourself not moving forward in your career as an actor, perhaps you are not making the sacrifice.