Is an Acting Career Right for You?

The Importance of Being Private in Public

The ability to be on stage, whether it is a film set or the grandest of theaters, to act as though one is in the privacy of their own home, office etc. Is one of the most essential components of being a successful actor.  Self Consciousness and anxiety is Kryptonite to an actors creativity.  Having an unhealthy self talk while on stage creates introversion and tension.  This very thing is what any audience can detect.  Whether they know it or not.  You see and audience is empathic by nature.  They feel what you feel.  If you feel nothing, they will feel that.  If you feel tense or anxious they will feel that.  They can also sense if the performer is at peace being on stage.
Our goal as actors is to dissolve the barrier between audience and self, and have the audience experience emotion through us. We achieve this by inviting them in to our world by removing censorship, by existing in our natural state, unfiltered. When we act as though we are alone the audience feels like they have dissolved, as though they are wearing an invisible cloak, which then gives them permission to witness our lives, on screen or on stage, without restriction.  Every audience is a voyeur peering into the window of our souls.

The ability to establish that connection is invaluable, and we do that by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. To be comfortable being uncomfortable.  If we are not able to be our genuine “private” selves the audience feels it, the connection is lost, and our performance is left moot and lacking. This is why letting go of insecurities and finding the ability to be private in public is so important.