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Voice over classes vancouver

Voice over acting workshops are a really great way to hone your skills as an actor and expand on what you’ve got in your portfolio to show agents and casting directors. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of voice acting, have been around for a while but want to brush up on technique to keep your skills fresh, or you’re looking to try learning something totally new to add to your resume of acting abilities, taking part in specialized voice over workshops can help you reach the next level of success.


At voice over workshops, professional voice actors will typically share their own personal interests and strengths with attendees. Not only do they provide tips and tricks for perfecting students’ techniques and building a successful career in the industry, but they also offer advice about things such as how to get into character, how to use body language to expressively read scripts aloud for the microphone, and even how to create interesting characters from scratch.


Many voice over workshops focus on specific genres like voice work for animation, video games, narration, or radio. Whether you’re interested in doing character voices or just reading a script aloud, there are workshops to suit your needs. You can find workshops that focus on the basics of voice acting, as well as those that cover more advanced topics like accent work and improvisation.

When choosing a workshop to attend, it’s important to research the instructor’s credentials and make sure they have experience in both teaching and performing. Also be sure to ask questions about how often classes meet, if there is any homework required between sessions, what materials will be covered, and whether or not recordings of past classes are available for review.


Vada Studios offers a part-time certificate called the Intro to Voice Over Certificate. It takes eight weeks to complete and is hands on. Students will learn the essentials of voice training, exploration of their vocal ranges, and confidence development (especially when navigating auditions). Students will also complete the program with an understanding of how to identify what clients are looking for and how to provide them with that through performance.

This certificate is perfect for total beginners or actors who want to be able to add voice over work to their list of skills. They’ll be able to analyze recordings of their own voice over performances so they can figure out how to best improve and celebrate what they’re doing well. By the time the program ends, students will have created a demo reel they can add to their audition packages.

Voice over acting workshops are an invaluable resource for actors looking to become better at their craft and build a successful career. With the right teacher and materials, you can start honing your skills today and become an even better voice actor tomorrow.

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