Is an Acting Career Right for You?

Financial Aid: Funding your Acting Education

At VADA we know it can be difficult to finance your education. Our supportive Admissions Advisors will help you explore financial options that fit your circumstance. We are here to assist you.

We are an accredited institution. That means if you plan to take the Full-time Dramatic Arts Program Diploma or Dramatic Arts Program 2, you are eligible to apply for student loans, and may receive financial aid, if you qualify. 

VADA is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI #0212566030007) by the BC Government’s Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) and have earned the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) from the Government of British Columbia.

Eligibility for Student Aid for Canadian Residents

Eligibility for Study Visa – International Students

  • Our Full-time Dramatic Arts Program Diploma is 24 weeks (plus 2 weeks break) making it a total of 26 weeks (6 months) in length. Full-time international students enrolled at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) can apply for a study visa which will allow them to work part time off campus and full time during scheduled school breaks. In order to be eligible to do this, you must be enrolled in a program of study at least 6 months in length. As a result, our program allows for students to work part time during their studies. Learn more about Study Permits.