Is an Acting Career Right for You?

6-Month Dramatic Arts Program


VADA Admissions Advisors Are Here to Help

Our friendly VADA admissions advisors are here to help guide you through the application and registration process, and to answer any questions or assist with hang-ups along the way. We want to see you go after your dreams and aspirations to become an actor. VADA admissions advisors are here to support you each step of the way – before, during, and after attending VADA.


Register today for VADA’s full-time Dramatic Arts Program or for one of our many part-time Courses and Certificates.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for eligible Canadian and Permanent Residents who are enrolled in VADA’s full-time 6 Month Dramatic Arts Program. Full-time International Students who are enrolled in the Dramatic Arts Program Diploma may also apply to work part-time off campus and full-time during scheduled school breaks, without a work permit.


VADA offers Scholarships for both domestic and international students. Learn more about eligibility conditions and Scholarship requirements.

Finding a Place to Live

Vancouver is not a cheap place to live.  It is considerably less expensive than the likes of New York City or London and a trip to the city will help you understand why so many people are willing to tolerate the cost of living in Vancouver. Rent prices will vary depending on location. There is easy access to downtown using public transit from the suburbs (Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey or Maple Ridge), so renting a place outside of the main downtown core is highly advisable.

International or out-of-province students will usually share a house or apartment with other students to split the cost. Here you’ll rent a room and share a kitchen, bathroom and social area. You can find a roommate using online resources like Easy Roommate or Roomster.


There is also the option to live as part of homestay, where you live with a host family in Canada. Homestay agencies will typically have an initial placement fee (approx. $250) and students can expect to pay a monthly fee of CAD$400-800 per month in return for meals and a room in that family’s home. You may also participate in activities with your host, improve your English and learn about the culture, all of which are valuable experiences.

Public Transportation

Vancouver’s public transit is excellent, clean and affordable, so it’s easy to time your trips using a running a network of buses, rapid transit trains (SkyTrain), commuter rail (West Coast Express), and sea ferry (SeaBus) between North Vancouver and Vancouver.

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