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VADA Receives UBCP Accreditation



We are thrilled to announce that, in addition to our existing DLI, PTIB, and EQA accreditations, VADA has officially also received UBCP accreditation! This means that VADA students who choose the one-year program are able to apply for their first union credit and will have a year to do so following completion of the program.

Accreditation plays a vital role in establishing credibility and maintaining high standards in any academic institution. In the realm of performing arts, Canadian acting schools strive to provide exceptional training and opportunities for aspiring actors. Let’s take a look at the importance of receiving accreditation from the Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP) and the benefits it brings to you as a potential student.


UBCP accreditation serves as a stamp of approval for Canadian acting schools, signalling their commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards. It signifies that a school has met rigorous criteria set by UBCP, ensuring that the education and training offered are of the highest quality. This recognition enhances the reputation of the institution and builds trust among prospective students, parents, industry professionals, and casting directors, reinforcing the credibility of the school’s programs and graduates.

For a school like VADA that is already so well recognized and respected within the industry, UBCP accreditation takes VADA’s reputation to all new heights.


UBCP accreditation opens doors to a wide range of industry connections and opportunities for students. Through partnerships and collaborations with UBCP, accredited acting schools gain access to industry professionals, casting directors, agents, and renowned actors who can provide invaluable guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Such connections further increase students’ exposure to potential job opportunities, auditions, and internships, significantly enhancing their chances of establishing a successful acting career.


UBCP accreditation acts as a quality assurance mechanism, ensuring that Canadian acting schools maintain high standards of education and training. Accredited institutions undergo regular evaluations, providing feedback to improve and enhance their curriculum, teaching methodologies, and facilities. This continuous review process ensures that students receive up-to-date and industry-relevant training, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for a competitive acting industry.


By receiving UBCP accreditation, acting schools gain access to a wide range of resources and benefits offered by the union. This includes access to UBCP workshops, seminars, and events, which provide additional learning opportunities and exposure to industry trends. Moreover, accredited schools can collaborate with UBCP on initiatives such as film festivals, showcases, and theatrical productions, further enriching students’ experiences and fostering a vibrant acting community.


UBCP accreditation holds significant advantages for students pursuing acting education. First, it provides students with a sense of assurance and confidence in the quality of education they will receive. Knowing that their chosen institution has met the stringent criteria set by UBCP assures students that they will be trained by experienced faculty and provided with industry-relevant curriculum. This accreditation also enhances their credibility and marketability as actors, as it validates their training and further increases their chances of being recognized by casting directors, agents, and industry professionals. Additionally, UBCP accreditation opens doors to a wide array of industry connections, networking opportunities, and potential job prospects, further empowering students on their path to a successful acting career. By choosing VADA, students can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that they are receiving top-notch training and positioning themselves for success in the competitive world of acting.

By attending VADA and selecting our one-year program, you can now apply for your first union credit. You will have one year following completion of this program to apply for your credit.

UBCP accreditation holds immense importance for acting schools, offering a range of benefits that positively impact students, faculty, and the overall acting industry. It provides recognition, credibility, and industry connections, which in turn open doors to numerous opportunities for students pursuing careers in acting. Furthermore, the accreditation process ensures that institutions maintain high standards and continuously improve their curriculum to meet the evolving demands of the industry. By aligning themselves with UBCP’s standards, acting schools can demonstrate their commitment to excellence, attracting prospective students, and contributing to the growth and success of the performing arts industry in Canada.