Is an Acting Career Right for You?


If you’re looking to start your career as an actor, you’ll need to undergo some industry training before you can start looking for an agent and auditioning. To do that, you’ll need to find yourself a good acting school. While there are many out there to choose from, we’re going to tell you about VADA, or the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, and some of the fantastic programs and classes you can take there.


The Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (or VADA) is an acting school located in picturesque Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is an extremely popular location for filming many television shows and movies, including The Good Doctor, Supernatural, Riverdale, and Deadpool. Students who attend VADA already find themselves in the heart of one of Canada’s most used filming locations, which means they also find themselves among some of the best opportunities for finding work.


  1. Dramatic Arts Program Diploma:

     Hollywood trips, anyone? That’s right, students who take this program not only learn the crucial skills of reading monologues, cold reads (showing up for an audition and reading a script you haven’t prepared), analyzing characters, developing characters, improvisation (and so much more), they’ll also be taken on a trip to Hollywood to immerse themselves in one of the most famous entertainment industry locations!

  2. Intro to Acting PACE (Pro Actor Core Essentials) 1 & 2:

     Pro Actor Core Essentials, or PACE 1, is a pre-requisite before you can take PACE 2. It is considered a beginner program, and it’s focus revolves around on-camera acting. It’s a fantastic way for actors to create for themselves a solid foundation of film and TV techniques. When it’s time to move onto PACE 2, students will start to look at the importance of talent agents, as well as how to create resumes/headshots/etc., and also the further improvement of the skills they learned while enrolled in PACE 1.

  3. Professional Actor Development Program: 

    This is where students are able to develop a very keen understanding of how to better develop their careers. Important skills like goal setting will be focused on, and instructors will cover important audition techniques. This is how students can create a deeper and more thorough understanding of the business.

  4. Intro to Voice Over Certificate:

     How fun is this?!! Students have eight weeks to learn all the basic of voice over work. It’s a great way to improve their confidence as well as the power of their voices. And it all leads up to the creation of their own demo reel!

  5. Ongoing Scene Study:

     This is where students are teamed up with scene partners for four weeks. The pairs will work on developing a scene together, and instructors will work with these partners to focus on individual aspects of their scenes. This work will include things like blocking, story analysis, emotional preparation, etc.

These are only just some of the amazing programs and courses that you can take as a student at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. For more information, you can check out our website and contact us today!