Is an Acting Career Right for You?

Dull to Brilliant

Our lives revolve much like the perpetual gears of a clock, always knowing exactly what is coming next, one rotation of the drive gear, rotates the extremities three times to get the same result each time. The perpetual, persistence of consistency in life gives us the ability to see what is always coming next, not allowing us to discover it ourselves, much like the presupposition of ones actions in acting causing the events to become redundant much like life itself. Everyday life and its events are not meant to be art; art is only the exploitation of life’s truth over done.

Consistency of life creates monotonous art. Without interest, without discovery, without events, our lives as humans would be incredibly boring. Going through the motions of life only having a basic goal to survive rather than flourish. If our lives were simply that, why would we want to watch something that is as cut and dry as our lives? The answer is we wouldn’t. To be blatantly honest our lives are simply that, they are that minuscule, without the specificity and beauty of art in our everyday environment and entertainment, life as we know it without art would be as important as the growth of a blade of grass. Even though to that blade of grass its growth is crucial to reach that specific point in which it has vantage over contesting species to receive the most nutrition, but in the overall out look we have more potential than that. Each own persons growth is important to them, but when that monotony is portrayed in art and film it is the corrosive material that erodes the keystone of specificity acting relies on to captivate an audience. As actors it is our job, no our privilege to get in front of an audience to inspire people to reach for the unobtainable in life, we inspire curiosity, we live the dreams of people in imaginary circumstances.  We cannot allow the consistency of life fall into the specificity of our work because then it will become meaningless, and leave only room for the perpetual and opaque sheet of death to be drawn over our eyes as artists.

Acting is an art form that incorporates the dramatic and beautiful experiences of life, and bestows them into the situations of a scene. Bestowment of the dramatic experiences happens both in the scene and in the actor, who conveys that action. Actors cannot bring the consistency of their lives into their work because that monotonous piece of everybody’s lives isn’t interesting. We are when place in a difficult, or incredible situation. Don’t live your life act it.