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The Most Amazing Career!


Acting is amazing career that gives you so many opportunities in life to meet new people, explore the world, and discover qualities about yourself. An actor’s life is full of adventure and you will never know what the outcomes are.

I love acting because it allows me to explore different sides of me and the joy of becoming someone completely different is always a thrilling experience. If you are an actor you get to show sides of you that are not norm to society. For example, Canadians are quite apologetic and it is always fun to play the character that is rude and abrupt. Through acting actors will discover more about their own personal qualities and behaviours. Actors can use this sell awareness to manipulate qualities and transform themselves into characters or they can also use this to their advantage in everyday life.

Acting techniques are used in our everyday lives as well and we can also imply them to obstacles we face in real life. In every performance there is always an obstacle and we must use different tactics to reach our goals. Just like in real life how we chose different paths to fulfill our heart’s desires. Actors are multi-taskers. In life people are constantly juggling different things at a time, whether it’s taking care of children while cooking supper or running errands in between hours of work. Actors also know how to deal with rejection. An actor is constantly rejected from work. Actors also have to deal with their performances being judged negatively. As an actor you have to learn how to deal with rejection and flip it to a positive thought. In life people always face rejection and need to learn how to think optimistically about it, and being an actor you learn how to deal with it and move on.

Actors also get a chance to work with so many people. Acting can break people from their shell if they are shy and if they aren’t that is awesome! Personally, I love working with people and as an actor you will always be interacting with new people and making great relationships.

It is amazing when you are part of a film or play and touch the audience’s heart. I enjoy watching films and plays because it takes you out of your world and the actor’s affect you so much that you either cry or laugh hysterically. It is an awesome experience to take an audience with you on the ride.

Fulfilling your dreams to become an actor is a constant battle, but the outcome is so rewarding and the adventure to get there is unforgettable. An acting career is so rewarding and you will get to experience things that no one will experience in his or her everyday life. Art imitates life.