The Most Amazing Career!

  Acting is amazing career that gives you so many opportunities in life to meet new people, explore the world, and discover qualities about yourself. An actor’s life is full of adventure and you will never know what the outcomes are. I love acting because it allows me to explore different sides of me and

Method Acting Defined

Method Acting Defined Sometimes I get this question. Most people I meet now a days are not that familiar with the definition. So here is mine. Of course it may differ from others but here it goes. Method Acting is an approach, a system, it’s a way of a getting connected to something in your

Total Control

As an actor you need to be in total control at all times. You need to understand what are the elements of yourself that you need to change and modify so that you can clearly communicate your choices. For that is what acting is: Communication. A lot of people might not know that, but it

The Importance of Being Private in Public

The ability to be on stage, whether it is a film set or the grandest of theaters, to act as though one is in the privacy of their own home, office etc. Is one of the most essential components of being a successful actor.  Self Consciousness and anxiety is Kryptonite to an actors creativity.  Having

Objective vs Subjective

  Your job as an actor is to serve the story, secondly to serve the director and his vision, and lastly to the character. When is the time to be subjective or objective? Well, when you get a direction or a critique from a coach, agent, casting director, director etc. Subjectivity need not apply. What

Playing it in a Predictable Way, Unpredictably

  I was auditioning for a low budget feature film as the part of a lawyer. Of course he was a ball-busting, slimy, stereotypical lawyer. Briefly, the story is this – he bullies the witness into admitting that she was the one at fault. Then it is later found out that she is innocent much

Sacrifice in Acting

  As someone who trains actors everyday I see a very common mistake. No sacrifice. These people feel they can come in, take a few classes and become an actor. Most of the time, they fail, but not because of lack of opportunity or talent, but because of this “no sacrifice” work ethic. One of

Revealing Character

  In a play or film, your character will reveal who he truly is as the piece plays out.  Let me elaborate on this.  As a character moves through the script he encounters obstacles.  Each one of those obstacles has to be a greater challenge from the one before.  As he overcomes the obstacle he

Confidence is Key

  Out of all the training you could possibly endure, through all the scene study, dialect classes, movement and so on, there is one key element that cannot be taught; confidence. It is an actor’s best friend in any performance. “If you sell it, the audience will buy it.” Actors must realize that this is

4 Ways To Become a Better Actor

  I recently had a meeting with a young actor who just moved out from the prairies. The kid was greener than the corn fields of Manitoba, and he had a lot of questions. I did my best to answer them. Then he asked me  “What’s the trick to succeeding as an actor?” It was