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Dramatic Arts

Youth and Teen Acting Classes

in Vancouver, BC

Give Your Child the Best Start

You can begin your journey in the world of acting at any age, and it's actually quite beneficial to start early. Acting schools and casting directors appreciate when individuals show a genuine commitment to their craft from a young age.

Whether you're a young aspiring performer or a parent or guardian supporting a budding talent, VADA provides exceptional opportunities for youth to gain valuable experience in the entertainment industry.

Benefits Beyond Acting

Acting classes offer numerous benefits for children beyond just preparing them for a potential acting career. These classes serve as valuable tools for personal development, fostering skills and qualities that can benefit kids in various aspects of life.

Children learn to express themselves, overcome shyness, and speak in public, all of which are essential life skills. This newfound confidence can translate into improved communication abilities, enabling kids to articulate their thoughts and ideas more effectively.

"Simon Longmore and the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts offer an impressive curriculum for the beginning as well as the professional actor. I have found my experiences with the actors of the to be extremely positive. The caliber of student and the growth they have shown, as well as the opportunities to meet and work with professionals in the industry makes VADA a training facility worthy of consideration."
Paul Weber
MGM Casting

Available Courses Include:

On Camera Acting • Scene Study • Audition Classes • Intro to Voice Over • Acting Camps and More!

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