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VADA Workshops

VADA Hosts Periodic Workshops Run By Prominent Professional Casting Directors From Both Vancouver and Hollywood!

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Casting Director workshops offer a rare opportunity to gain valuable insight on how to present yourself in an audition, improve your craft and auditioning technique, while learning about the business from a Casting Director’s perspective. You also learn how to approach Casting Directors with regard to contact and how to best publicize yourself.

Some of the biggest benefits however will be the growth in confidence and technique you achieve and the reduction of stress or fear you’ll feel going into an audition just by having met a Casting Director and understand where they are coming from.

These workshops provide new actors a place where they can ask questions about the job of casting, their practices and auditioning, in general. They present the opportunity to practice being in front of a Casting Director and get feedback on how to do the scene effectively, as if it were a real audition.

Past workshops hosted by VADA have included Paul Weber, Candice Elzinga, Judy Lee, Jackie Lind, Bim Narine, Dean E. Fronk, Lynne Carrow, Tiffany Mak and others.