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The VADA Annual Showcase

Group of students on stage, posting for the Showcase photo
Present your acting chops to your VADA community, Agencies and Casting Directors

 Be Discovered! Show Off Your Performance Skills

VADA hosts an industry-recognized Showcase where past and present students perform prepared scenes and monologues in front of Film/TV Agents, Casting Directors and at times, Producers and Directors.

Every year after Showcase, VADA alumni get exclusive positions on the best rosters in Vancouver. This has kick-started the beginning of many Vancouver/Los Angeles actors’ careers. That’s why for the past 13 years Showcase has become a sought-after venue for actors to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Any actor may audition for VADA’s Showcase who has:

  • Graduated from the Dramatic Arts Program, or is currently enrolled in the DAP Program.
  • Any actor who has successfully graduated any of VADA’s part-time classes, or who is currently enrolled in a part-time class.

Agencies That Have Attended VADA’s Showcase

Kirk Talent, Characters Agency, Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group, Trisko Talent, Webster Talent Management, Play Management, Lucas Talent Inc, Collingwood Management, Principals Talent, Sterling Management, Pacific Artists, Lloyd Talent, Premiere Talent, Entourage Talent, Talent Co. Management, Moving Pictures Talent, Carrier Talent, InspirationAll Talent, Universal Artists, Vancouver Talent Management, Boss Management, Mo Good Talent and more.

Casting Directors That Have Been Our Judges

Paul Weber, Jackie Lind, Candice Elzinga, JJ Ogilvy, Sean Milliken, Bim Narine, Susan Browse, Judy Lee, Ann Forry, Katherine Falcon, Michelle Allen, Laura Toplass and Melissa Perry.

I am always impressed with the performance quality at VADA Showcase and Scene Night events, and I keep an eye on the talent coming out of this school. Led by the very personable and talented Simon Longmore, VADA's team of dedicated and accomplished professionals make it an excellent training choice for up and coming Actors of all ages and abilities. Simon's training, personality and vast experience, along with his equally impressive faculty, make VADA uniquely equipped to prepare students for the film and television industry. If you want to train as an actor in Vancouver, VADA is the real deal.
Jenn Andrusco - CUE Agency
Jenn Andrusco

Start Your Acting Career Today…

Join VADA, no other school gives you better support to kickstart your career after graduation! If you’re ready to hone your professional acting skills then fill out the form on this page to receive more information! Or give us a call at 604-633-1525 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable VADA Admissions Advisor today.