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12 Week Teen Scene Study Program

Youth Acting Camps
Youth Scene Study Program Will Build Upon Elements Of Scene Study Introduced In Youth On Camera Classes

Ages 13-18

Starting January 2020, VADA will begin offering Scene Study classes for students 13-18 years of age to further build upon initial elements of scene study introduced in Youth On Camera Acting classes. Classes have 10 students maximum.

Students who have successfully mastered all technical on camera elements introduced in Youth On Camera Acting classes (or upon recommendation by the instructor) or students from other acting schools who have completed a similar level of training are also welcome to take part in these classes.

Students are immersed into scenes, which they work on with an assigned partner over 4-5 weeks. Each week students present their scene, receive feedback and incorporate this feedback into their performance for next class, gradually building up the scene to include even the smallest of details, and learning technique allowing them to connect better with the audience.

As students progress, they are introduced to more advanced acting techniques (i.e. substitution, endowment, imaginary circumstances etc.) and challenged to make bold choices for their characters to achieve a higher standard of performance.

Through gentle pushing of students outside their comfort zone, students begin learning to become ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ (an important skill both as an actor and in life) and develop analytical tools to assess the success of choices they made and overall performance.

Once a scene has been completely covered, students will assigned a different scene and scene partner and repeat the process. Students will also get an opportunity to slip into the Director’s chair and direct each other. Always a lot of fun for the students!

Course Fee: $440.00 + $22 tax (CDN) 12 week program

Start date: Saturdays, January 9th – March 27th, 2021

 Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

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