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Get the Skills to Enhance Your Acting Career

Fine Tune Your Acting Skills and Learn How to Manage a Successful Career

8-Week Professional Actor Development Program in Vancouver, BC

As an actor, you quickly realize that you are your own business. VADA’s Professional Actor Development Course is designed to understand the balance of how to self-manage your career while developing your acting skill. As much as many actors focus on the craft of acting, many fall short on the business side of it. The Professional Actor Development Course provides guidance, effective tools, develops action plans and discipline to help motivate and inspire actors, while furthering your scene study and auditioning skills.

The aim of the course is to help guide the actor to achieving his/her own goals. While the tools and techniques are nothing new, the combination of how they are presented in a fresh new perspective helps artists to gain a better grasp of running their own business with the intention of getting more acting work.

Goal Setting: You’ll learn to set achievable goals, attainable timelines and create an action plan to reach those goals to take your career to the next level. As an actor, you need to create a blueprint, whether that’s signing with an agent or facilitating your current agent in getting you in the casting room.

Understanding the Business: Specificity is key in our industry. In order to attain success you need to understand how to create a marketable brand for yourself and how to market your brand to the industry.

Audition Technique– Classes spent on auditioning will sharpen your on camera audition skills to ensure that you will be on top of your game when you get into the room.

Scene Study- You will be directed in a series of scenes from contemporary plays and films in order to flex your creative muscles to prepare you for your time on set.

Instructor: Simon Longmore

NEXT Start Date:  TBD

TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Course Fee: $440.00 + tax (CDN)

Please contact the office to register at 604-633-1525 or email us at

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My experience with the PDAM (Now Professional Actor Development program) course so far is phenomenal. Finishing up the 6 month program and now going directly into the post program has given me a great deal of confidence in my acting and auditioning ability.
Anthony Scardera

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