NEW! 6 Week Intensive On Camera Acting Certificate Program

(on-line) for Teens (15-18)

Instructor: Marie V. Sharp

Young Actor

The Youth On Camera Acting 6 week on-line intensive is a new on-line class to help teen actors work on their craft and prepare them for the professional world of acting. This class is designed to accommodate teen actors between the ages of 15-18. Classes have 8 students maximum and those taking part are typically beginner actors with no previous experience that are interested in breaking into the world of Film & TV acting or young professionals who are already auditioning and working and looking to build upon their present skills. This program is broken into 6 weeks :

WEEK 1: Introduction: Self-tape setups. What agents/casting directors expect from you. Memorization techniques & Terminology.

WEEK 2: Prepping for an Audition: How to break down a scene. What to research before an audition. What an email for an audition looks like. What is expected from you for an audition. Script analysis. Given circumstances. Beats.

WEEK 3: Technical Scenes: Working with multiple eye lines. How to choreograph a highly physical scene for an audition setting. Performance.

WEEK 4: Audition: 24-48 hours to prepare a scene scene for class. Performance. Workshop the scene together.

WEEK 5: Review: Class review and notes of the scene from the previous class.

WEEK 6: Biz of the Biz: How to apply for an agent. How to apply for your own auditions. How to make a resume. What head shots are. What to expect if you book a role. What is expected of you on set.  professionalism. (If a student has already taken Biz of the Biz in a previous VADA Studios class, the instructor will give a simulated audition).

Sundays 1:00pm – 3:00pm over Zoom 
May 17th – June 28th  (no class on Father’s Day June 21st)
$400 + tax
MAX:  8 students


  • Students must be between the ages of 15-18 years old
  • No application fee required
  • 30% deposit is required to secure your teen’s seat

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