Intro to Dialects (American Standard)

A man in a suit and bow-tie opens his mouth as a series of letters and characters appear to float out, representing spoken words or dialect exercises.
VADA’s intro to Dialects course gets you the skills to be successful in a variety of speaking roles

Our Intro to Dialects Course Seeks to Educate Actors on the Formation and Use of Accents for the Purpose of Performance

The ability to speak convincingly in different dialects is an important part of an actor’s tool kit. No matter how well you connect emotionally with a role, a false or inappropriate accent can diminish the final result. Making accents a solid part of your training is important for all actors and can open up opportunities for roles.

The Intro to Dialects course at VADA will primarily focus on American standard with introductions to other accents later in the course. Acquiring a standard American is integral to get work on US based productions. It is common for actors to also include a New York and a Southern accent as part of their repertoire. Actors should look to select dialects to study based upon their look and how they might be cast.

During the 3 hour classes, half the class is dedicated to education and development, while the remaining half is dedicated to scene study and performance using what they have learned.

At the end of the course students will have an understanding of the fundamentals for accents, they will also have a taped copy of their scene to use for reference or for demo, depending on their skill level.

Next Start Date: May 22nd – July10th, 2020 

Instructor: Hans Potter
Course Duration: 8 weeks
Day: Fridays
Time: Evenings 6pm-9pm
Class size: 10 people maximum
Course Fee: $440 (+ tax)

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