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Policy on Health and Safety

NOTE: Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts shall heretofore be written as VADA for the purposes of this policy.


VADA is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that ensures the health and safety of our students, staff, and visitors. VADA will:

  1. Provide and maintain safe premises and healthy working environments.
  2. Ensure we effectively assess risks and apply measures to control them.
  3. Provide information to all new staff and students to ensure that everyone follows the Conduct Guide while in the studio.
  4. Investigate accidents, incidents and cases of work-related illness, so we can identify and put right any shortcomings in our health and safety management processes.
  5. Make sure we have effective arrangements in place to deal with injuries and reduce the effects of any incidents that could result in injury, ill health or damage to the environment.
  6. Make sure that all staff members are aware of first aid equipment, fire equipment and safety alarms.
  7. Run fire drills regularly to ensure that staff and students are familiar with safety procedures.
  8. Display a Fire Map in a highly visible place in both the reception and the two studios.
  9. Provide staff, students and visitors with adequate coverage for work/school-related injury on VADA’s insurance policy.