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Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure

NOTE: Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts shall heretofore be written as VADA for the purposes of this policy.


VADA will work to resolve any student or staff disputes if the proper dispute procedure is followed. This policy and procedure is available to all students and staff members at any time.


  1. Attempt to resolve the dispute informally by speaking to the other party involved. If this is not possible, make an appointment to speak with the Director.
  2. If no solution is reached in these discussions, state your complaint in writing and forward it to the Director. Out Ethics sheets are available from the office administrators for this purpose.
  3. The Director will then issue a request for all parties involved to submit a written account of the incident in dispute. Include in this account the names of any witnesses.
  4. The Director will then conduct an investigation by setting up individual meetings with all parties involved (including witnesses). The meetings will take place within 24 hours of receiving all written accounts.
  5. If no resolution is forthcoming from these meetings, VADA will hire an outside mediator/arbitrator to aid in resolution. All attempts will be made to resolve the situation within a reasonable amount of time – and proper action will be taken to discipline any unacceptable behaviour (following the Student Dismissal Policy and Procedure)