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Admissions Policy and Procedure

NOTE: Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts shall heretofore be written as VADA for the purposes of this policy.


VADA’s admission requirements for both full-time and part-time classes are as follows:

  1. Student need to be 19 years of age OR 17 years of age [with a highschool diploma (or
    equivalent) for the Full Time Dramatic Arts Program only] with parental/guardian permission.
  2. Student must speak fluent English.
  3. Student must pay the course tuition in full prior to the start of class or have a payment plan
    in order with the Registrar.

If an applicant fails to meet the minimum admission requirements, they cannot be waived by either
the institution or the student.

VADA’s course-specific admission requirements are as follows:

DRAMATIC ARTS PROGRAM – To apply for the full-time DAP, a student must demonstrate a
strong desire to become an actor. This desire is assessed through a written essay, submission of a
resume, and an interview with the Director.

INTRO TO ACTING – PACE 1/TWO-WEEK INTENSIVE – These introduction courses are open to all
students who meet the general requirements outlined above.

INTRO TO ACTING – PACE 2 – PACE 2 is open to students who have graduated from either of the
introduction courses, or have taken an equivalent course at another institution.

ONGOING SCENE STUDY – OSS is open to students who have graduated from either of the
introduction courses, or have taken an equivalent course at another institution.

POST DRAMATIC ARTS MANAGEMENT – PDAM is open to students who are alumni,
Graduates of the Dramatic Arts Program with a 80% grade average. Are represented by an agent
and are actively auditioning. Students must demonstrate a professional level of acting ability to be

AUDITION CLASS – AC is open to students who are actively auditioning, whether represented
by an agent or independently.


VADA’s Admissions Procedure is as follows:

  1. Prospective students applying for the full-time program must submit an application, either via e- mail or in hard copy, which includes: contact information, program start date for which they are
    applying, name of high school they graduated from (if applicable), list of any illnesses or
    medications currently using, how they are planning to pay for tuition, accommodation plans
    during the program, and a brief essay describing why they want to be an actor, and why they want
    to train at VADA. Applicants must also include a recent photograph and their acting resume
    listing all previous training and performing experience.
  2. After reviewing the applicant’s resume and application, the registrar will meet with VADA
    Director, to discuss the overall assessment of the applicant. If he/she is deemed ready to train at
    VADA, the Registrar will contact the applicant and schedule an interview.
  3. During the interview with VADA Director or Senior Educational Advisor, the applicant will be
    asked a number of questions to assess their previous acting experience, their enthusiasm for the
    art and the industry, their ability to communicate, their motivations for becoming an actor, their
    knowledge of the industry and their commitment to putting the work in to become a professional
    actor. The transcript of this interview is written up and included in the applicant’s file.
  4. If an applicant is assessed to be ready to enter the full-time program, they are notified by e-mail
    and in a written acceptance letter (which details the program start and end date, orientation time
    and date, amount of total tuition and percentage of tuition due immediately).
  5. The applicant then has 14 days from the date they receive the acceptance letter to pay for the first
    installment of tuition (30% of the total tuition for Canadian residents, 50% of the total tuition for
    International students). If tuition is not received on time, the applicant may lose their place in the
  6. Once payment is received, the registrar will write up a receipt of payment for the applicant.
  7. The applicant is then considered a student, and will be taken through the enrollment procedure
    (outlined in the Student Enrollment Policy and Procedure).
  8. Students applying for part-time courses proceed directly to the enrollment procedure as long as
    they meet the minimum and program-specific requirements.