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Student and Industry Testimonials

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Don’t just take our word for it – students and industry professionals alike rave about VADA

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Hear from past students about their experiences here at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Learning from someone who actually works in casting and truly understands the auditioning and casting process makes all the difference in the world understanding my type as an actor, roles I should be going out for and how to prepare for my next chance in the room.

VADA Audition Student

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Casting Director Workshop with Catharine Falcon. She was awesome! Very informative. She answered all the questions in a real and practical way. Giving us great detail and information that will be very useful to us. Being able to see the inside scoop into the casting director process was very cool. Catharine got rid of any misconceptions and fillers that we may have wanted to bring into an audition room floor and really showed us what to focus on to have a smooth and successful audition, to walk into those doors being authentic and allow ourselves to deliver our best work. I felt I became a better actor from the experience as a whole being around other dedicated actors and seeing them handle their own pressure, then deliver. Sometimes creating the right platform and setting the stage is what really allows an actor to bring out his best and that’s why I was very thankful to have walked through those doors at VADA and studied to become an actor.    

Mike Fraser

I attended my first Casting Director Workshop with Catharine Falcon through VADA and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience! Catherine Falcon was so supportive & encouraging to all the actors as well as, so open/honest with the do & don’t list for actors during auditions. This Workshop is such a valuable experience towards my craft & compliments the acting classes I’m currently taking at VADA. I would encourage any actors who are wondering whether they should attend Casting Director Workshops to go for it!

Aggie Cheung
Jenna – Dramatic Arts Program Diploma Graduate
Marina – Dramatic Arts Program Diploma Graduate
Aren – Dramatic Arts Program Diploma Graduate
Bharat – International Testimonial (Language: Hindi)
Alejandro – VADA Dramatic Arts Program Diploma Graduate (Language Spanish)
Amelia – Dramatic Arts Program Diploma Graduate
All of the staff at VADA are incredible and so kind...

I would highly recommend VADA to any actor. The classes are well structured with key learning objectives that are both practical and technique based. If you’re looking for a creative, fun, and safe learning environment augmented by guidance from knowledgeable and experienced instructors, look no further than the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Samantha Loren – Intro To Acting: PACE 1 & 2
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