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A Legacy of Success

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VADA has a celebrated reputation among both students and industry professionals, with years of experience to back up its name

How VADA Became the Premier Choice for Acting Training

VADA was originally founded by Simon Longmore in 2000. In its beginnings, the school offered only part-time classes. Over time the demand for classes grew, ultimately resulting in a full-blown academy with an entire faculty and studio.

With the mounting success of VADA graduates, the school expanded into a downtown studio on West Pender Street which was much more suitable as it boasted a little theatre and a light grid. Unfortunately, in 2003, a fire in the adjacent building caused enough damage to the downtown studio to force a move.

For the next two years, VADA resided on Hamilton Street in a bright, colorful and aesthetic 40 seat studio which was a beauty of a space in which to work. In the following years, VADA’s reputation grew, and by the summer of 2005 the Hamilton studio was bursting at the seams. With the Dramatic Arts Program (DAP) filled to maximum capacity, and Simon’s vision to expand even more, VADA moved yet again; this time planting itself into the heart of downtown Vancouver at 900 Helmecken.

This was an amazing experience! I feel like I have learned so much and I loved that we were able to work with a variety of instructors. This has completely changed my life. I feel like I've grown so much in the last two weeks. Thank you VADA!

Over 10 years later, VADA has trained thousands of actors who have come from all over the world. The techniques and training methods used are unsurpassed, and the results show in the success of our graduates; many of whom can been seen on mainstream television, feature films and commercials.

VADA currently has two spacious studios, a taping room for auditions, generous props, and ample administrative space, making it the pinnacle of excellence.


Vancouver is an ideal place for one to have a thriving acting career being that it is the third largest film production center in North America. With hundreds of millions spent on TV, Feature films and Commercials each year, there is no better place to apply the skills VADA teaches. Simply put: Vancouver is teeming with opportunity for actors.

Start Your Acting Career Today…

Join VADA, no other school gives you better support to kickstart your career after graduation! If you’re ready to hone your professional acting skills then fill out the form on this page to receive more information! Or give us a call at 604-633-1525 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable VADA Admissions Advisor today.