Simon Longmore

Simon Longmore

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  • Handler for the Hollywood Field Trip
  • Intro To Acting
  • Ongoing Scene Study

Simon is an actor, writer and director, involved in teaching since the mid-90s. He has taught his legendary approach in workshops all across Canada, The United States, and Europe. His approach to acting has been taught to over 5000 actors, writers, directors, producers, casting directors, comedians, broadcasters, on-air personalities, stunt performers, models, acting teachers, talent agents, leaders of industry, musicians, singers and voice-over artists.

Simon is a classically trained actor who uses an amalgamation of the classic Method Approach and concepts from the modern masters of acting. His major influence has been Warren Robertson.

So many of Simon’s Students work regularly within the Film and TV industry that it is so hard for him to keep track of them all. His students have been featured on the cover of magazines, talk shows, newspapers and entertainment television.

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