Professional Acting Programs in Vancouver, BC

Learn the technical aspect of acting for Film & TV

Get the Skills to Become a Confident, Professional Actor

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in an intensive acting diploma program, or brush up on your performance skills, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA) has you covered! 

We have an open door policy, accepting people with various experience levels. Whether you have a theatre background (high school or university), are a professional actor looking to sharpen your skills, or you’re someone with no acting experience whatsoever – you’re welcome here. VADA offers a full-time diploma program, part-time certificate courses, youth acting classes and Spring/Summer camps for youth/teens.

Our Actor Training Programs

  • Dramatic Arts Program Diploma

    The Dramatic Arts Program (DAP) is an intensive six month, full-time diploma course designed to give you hands-on training, studio experience, and access to industry expertise.

  • Intro to Acting Certificate

    A great choice for those people with a theatre background who are looking to break into the Film & TV industry.

  • On Camera Acting Intensive Certificate

    Similar to the Intro to Acting Certificate, this program is a two-week, full-time intensive course for serious actors to immerse themselves in.

  • On Camera Audition

    This class is geared towards helping actors perfect their audition technique by taping their cold audition pieces, reviewing and critiquing them.

  • Post Dramatic Arts Management

    This class helps actors manage their careers through goal setting, keeping statistics of progress, and understanding obstacles that hold them back.

  • Ongoing Scene Study

    This is an advanced class for DAP graduates or actors with prior Film & TV experience. Perfect the believability of your performance.

  • Improv

    There are many moments of improvisation on a set. Prepare in advance for your brilliant off the cuff one-liner, or subtle tweak of a script.

  • Youth Intro to Acting Program

    Six weeks of acting fun! Break into the Film & TV acting biz with this foundational acting program for youth.

  • Youth Acting Camps

    These week-long intensive acting camps will give youth a solid Film & TV acting foundation and allow them to practice being on-screen.

  • Teen Acting Camps

    These week-long intensive camps allow teens to tackle Film & TV acting, while deepening their performance skills.

VADA alumni are often seen at my auditions, and the confidence they have acquired through their training never fails to set them apart from the crowd when it comes to booking the job. Talent may be something an actor is born with, but confidence and professionalism are learned. VADA is an excellent place to learn these skills.
Sean Milliken

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