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Vanciouver Academy of Dramatic Arts vada
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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts Program
Course Fee: $12,500.00
International Student Course Fee: $14,000.00

Start Date: 08-Sep-14
Graduation Date: 06-Mar-15
Course Duration: 24 Weeks Mon-Fri 10am-3pm
Christmas Break 19th Dec -5th Jan 2015

Full Time Scholarship Offer!

Start Date: 09-Mar-15
Graduation Date: 04-Sep-15
Course Duration: 24 weeks Mon-Fri 10am-3pm
Summer Break June 22nd- July 3rd


Course Description »

Thank you for your interest in The Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA).


This is our comprehensive six month intensive full-time course!  Get fully prepared for a successful film acting career.

Our Dramatic Arts Program (DAP) is a very emotional and intense six month full-time course.  Its purpose is to give students a solid foundation of acting principals.  It is designed to challenge actors to achieve their highest potential.  Tools learned range from script analysis, character research, audition skills and scene work to improvisation, voice, movement/body, and on-camera techniques which will all be needed for your demo reel project.  The program offers these highlights which set us apart from other institutions: 


  • A Hollywood Field Trip
  • An industry-recognized end of term Showcase
  • A contemporary Demo Reel suited for Agent viewing
  • An Agent Seminar
  • A Headshot Photographer Seminar


It is a highly specialized training program where on average 82% of full-time graduates obtain agency representation from VADA exposure.  The statistics speak for themselves.


Application process required.

DAP Course Curriculum »

Acting & Camera Tech  

Acting class covers all aspects of acting technique, theory and prep work starting with script analysis and exploration, character development, making strong choices, high/low status, sense memory, listening drills, subtext, taking actions and achieving your want or objective.  The student will also learn the technical side of acting for the camera including camera angles, shot sizes, continuity, marks and hitting them, lighting, closeup vs wide shot acting adjustments, the basic way of shooting a scene, on-set equipment and terminology and much more.

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Scene Study  

Building on what you learn from the “Acting & Camera Tech” class working on Film & TV scenes, here you explore contemporary play writing to really sink your teeth into.  The refined and challenging writing of plays not only sharpens and enhances the actor’s abilities, it enables him to then take a Film & TV script from a locally shot production as an example and approach it with ease and confidence, giving him a better success rate in working as an actor.

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On-Camera Auditioning  

The audition process is an art onto itself. It is the few moments when the quality of your performance determines getting the job or not. Cold read audition techniques are drilled and drilled on-camera until confidence is achieved. Focus is also put on making a believable performance in an unreal environment. All work in this class is filmed on-camera and reviewed, allowing you to improve by visual critiqu

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Many Commercials, Features Films and TV series employ improvisation in the audition room as well as on set. Students are taught the art of improvisation so that they may call on these skills at any time. We use exercises in character, spontaneity, focus, give and take, comic pairings, listening, short and long form and a whole host of others to round out this course.

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Hollywood Field Trip  

The Dream!


Most actors have the dream of making it to Hollywood.  Here is your first step!  We can’t promise that anyone is going to be a famous Hollywood A-lister moviestar, but as part of the Dramatic Arts Program, we fly you to LA. You’re going to experience a jam-packed intensive trip, meet with industry professionals and gain valuable information on being an Actor in LA.  You will also see shows and study how the pros do it.  This multi-day field trip gets you to experience the sights, sounds and sunshine of LA.

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Agent Seminar  

There is an agent seminar included in the tuition as part of the Dramatic Arts Program.  Two professional Agents join us for the day and impart their knowledge onto you! This is the chance of a lifetime for you to meet these people in a relaxed setting and ask any questions, find out what is needed and expected of you as an actor. Also perform an audition for them to receive immediate feedback.  We are the only school in Vancouver that includes this in the tuition. Normal costs for such seminars run as high as $250/day. 

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Demo Reel Project  

As an end-of-school project, VADA produces a short demo-reel custom-tailored for each student and ready for agent viewing. This is where the students get to put all their newly-acquired acting skills into application. Each student will film 2 contrasting 90 second scenes with professional lighting, cameras and sound. The project is then edited to create a highly polished quality demo reel to send out to Agents or Casting Directors.  This type of demo reel has become the standard amongst agents and is what is needed and wanted in the industry in terms of agent submission. 

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Voice & Dialects  

Students are taught the differences between their natural dialect and Standard American English, which is the dialect preferred by many Film/TV producers. They are also taught various other accents and dialects to be familiar and adept at such sounds.  The voice component will comprise of breathing exercises, mouth movements, resonance and warmups for your acting work.  Often neglected in acting training, voice and dialect is an absolute essential component to any program worth considering, and VADA brings you such training.

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Our graduates work as Actors
Rafael Pellerin

VADA Graduate, Rafael Pellerin, has been booking gigs like crazy... 

» more...
Sonya Salomaa
Congratulations to Sonya for booking a Lead role on the new TV Drama "The Guard"!! Sonya is a Two-time Leo award winner for her character Maya in "The Collector". Her 2008/2009 Film & TV Credits include: "Flash Gordon", "Odysseus and the Isle of the Mist » more...
Michelle Molineux
had this to say about Simons Calgary Workshop,"I learned more in your 3 day workhop then I have in a 12 week long course...Your workshop greatly increased my confidenace as an actor and I feel has been a large contributing factor in my recent success." » more...
Kristine Cofsky

Kristine graduated from the March '03 DAP. Shortly thereafter booked a lead on a low-budget feature film called Sleepover. Due to her training in class, Kristine felt totally comfortable stepping onto the set of her first (of many) feature films!

» more...
Aren Buchholz

Moving down to Vancouver from Saskatchewan, Aren has come a long way...

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Madison Smith

Madison Smith graduated the DAP in September 2011 and has already stacked on an impressive 5 Film/TV bookings!!  He is on FIRE!!

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Bridget Graham

Bridget Graham comes all the way from Ontario but has never looked back since graduating the DAP in March 2012.   

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