Audition Tips

How to become a Shark in the audition room. Becoming an actor means having to audition, which can be a nerve-wracking experience. Most post-secondary full time acting programs will include a component covering auditions. For those who have not enrolled in acting classes before or are not on a Talent Agent’s roster, here are some

Finding the right acting school for YOU

You have decided to become an actor.  Now you need to figure out how!  Searching online can be a daunting experience.  All the websites, schools, and  locations etc. Finding just the right acting school, one that suits your needs can seem like a massive task.  Here are 10 quick steps to short listing your top

Dull to Brilliant

Our lives revolve much like the perpetual gears of a clock, always knowing exactly what is coming next, one rotation of the drive gear, rotates the extremities three times to get the same result each time. The perpetual, persistence of consistency in life gives us the ability to see what is always coming next, not

The movie industry in Vancouver is booming once again

The movie industry in Vancouver is booming once again, thanks to Netflix IAN BAILEY VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Jun. 17, 2016 1:34PM EDT Last updated Monday, Jun. 20, 2016 5:11PM ED BOOMTOWN, B.C. British Columbia, favoured for its proximity to Los Angeles and beneficial tax credits, has become a production mecca for not just Hollywood

How to Overcome Stage Fright

It has been one of the biggest obstacles in acting for a long time. Stage fright sucks, because it robs you of a lot of qualities. First lets look at what it is. To me it is when an actor intraverts before, during or after his performance. The artist simply cannot concentrate on what he/

Sociology and Acting

Sociology and Acting I am on vacation as I am writing this. Today I was at the beach working on my tan, watching people, as I always do. In the distance I see a child playing in the water. I estimated him being about 4 years old. He was walking to the edge of the

The Most Amazing Career!

  Acting is amazing career that gives you so many opportunities in life to meet new people, explore the world, and discover qualities about yourself. An actor’s life is full of adventure and you will never know what the outcomes are. I love acting because it allows me to explore different sides of me and

Method Acting Defined

Method Acting Defined Sometimes I get this question. Most people I meet now a days are not that familiar with the definition. So here is mine. Of course it may differ from others but here it goes. Method Acting is an approach, a system, it’s a way of a getting connected to something in your

Total Control

As an actor you need to be in total control at all times. You need to understand what are the elements of yourself that you need to change and modify so that you can clearly communicate your choices. For that is what acting is: Communication. A lot of people might not know that, but it

The Importance of Being Private in Public

The ability to be on stage, whether it is a film set or the grandest of theaters, to act as though one is in the privacy of their own home, office etc. Is one of the most essential components of being a successful actor.  Self Consciousness and anxiety is Kryptonite to an actors creativity.  Having