Scott Patey

Graduating VADA, Scott went on to signing with Trisko. Booking his first role in 2007 on “Reaper“, Scott began stacking up his resume with gigs. His bookings consist of  “Caprica“, “Supernatural“, “Slap Shot 3: The Junior League“, “The King of Fighters“, and plenty more.

Scott also was recently a Supporting Lead in the Feature Film “The Odds” where the film was screened at TIFF and VIFF.


Scott is a previous student of the Dramatic Arts program, and also the Pro Scene Study program. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Scott to find out where he has been and what he has been doing.

Scott comes into my office, with a confident grin and introduces himself. We instantly began chatting about how happily busy he has been. He laughs and tells me he just made the equivalent money in one day of shooting, as he would in 2 weeks working as a restaurant server! Something to be proud of indeed.

C – So, Scott what have you recently booked?

S – I actually just finished up a shoot on the series “Reaper” as Frank Poole. Initially it started as one day, but they brought me back for a second. There is always an opportunity to return to that character too, so you never know! I just booked a new pilot called “Samurai Girl” playing a busboy in a restaurant, with some scenes with the lead character. It begins shooting on November 5th, so I am pretty excited about that. I also got a callback, and am now booked for another pilot titled “Middle Man”. I have one other callback in the works for a supporting role on the film “Metal Birding”.

C- Oooh fingers crossed! You are so busy! How did you get to the position you are in now; auditioning for pilots and films?!

S – After going to VADA and taking the DAP, I came back to do the Showcase again so I could aim to land some new representation. I felt that my previous agent was good for commercial booking and background but I was ready to move on to bigger projects. I placed third in the Showcase and found a new agent! So, I pushed to have the chance to audition, proved myself and got it!

C- Wow, so how has landing these roles changed you as an actor?

S – I would say it definitely instilled more confidence, and more drive after landing the “goal” I had set out for myself. It is almost like now that I have had a taste of working in the industry; all I want is more and more! The results were all very positive.

C – Ok, so tell me about your audition process. What tips would you offer?

S – Definitely get coaching. Whenever I have an audition I like to meet with a coach or my peers and go through it with them. I also need to “own the room” and make brave choices and always remain open to direction. Sometimes you get set on doing a character a certain way, and then you find out they had a different view of how the character should be, so it is important to be able to adapt your character if needed.

C  What is your favourite thing about being on set?

S – Well, at first it was having a trailer! It was great having your very own space to retreat to when you needed it. Of course, the food too! But, ultimately, the feeling of knowing that it all came from my hard work was the best part.

C  Ah Success! What part of this do you think VADA had a hand in?

S – The lessons I got in audition technique have proved invaluable. The sense/memory (bringing emotion from a memory) has really helped. Also having such great teachers to audition for on a regular basis stops me from being afraid to audition for anybody else!

C- So training at VADA helped a lot with moving along your career then.

S – Yes, definitely! I specifically came to Vancouver (from Alberta) to train at VADA. Without that training I would not have an agent (I got my agents from Showcasing at the school) and I would not be booking the work I am. VADA was a perfect place to start. I gained a lot of confidence and did a lot of networking.

C  So, what is next for Scott?

S – Well, aside from the pilot work I am doing, I also am busy with other auditions, I have a play I am working on that is starting up in December, and I have been sketching with a friend of mine (who is also a graduate of VADA) and doing some stand-up comedy. I am planning on building up my resume and doing some pilot hunting in LA during pilot season. Maybe I will relocate for awhile! I would say about 90% of my life is dedicated to my craft right now. It is really good.

C  You are certainly inspiring! What kind of advice do you have to offer to people just starting to go after their acting dreams?

S – Do Not Give Up! Also let yourself get frustrated. It is a part of it all. Listen to your teachers and experienced people in the industry. You do not always have to do it the way they would, but take from that advice and make smart choices. Surround yourself with positive people and last but not least, no matter what your schedule  always remain involved with your passion somehow.

~Christine LeBlanc