Raf Rogers

VADA Graduate, Raf Rogers, has been booking gigs like crazy: “The A Team“, “B-Line”, “Rise and Shine Og”, “Love Aneros”, and now he joins the vampire craze as he books the blooding sucking vampire role of Geoff on “Sanctuary”.


It seems Raf has some fans online at the Vampire Sanctum. Heres a bit of his interview:

V.S: How did you get the part?

R.R: Casting couch. Just joking. I auditioned for a different part actually. I did the scene where Darrin schools Tesla intellectually. Recombinant DNA and such. While I was saying these incredibly technical words I was trying to build a paper airplane to throw at Tesla to show just how easy it was to figure out his years of data. Like this was childsplay. Only I realized during the audition that the paper airplane I had previously made was gone and I don’t know how to make paper airplanes. So when I threw the glob at the reader playing Tesla it didn’t quite fly. So I assume for my efforts they offered me another role.
V.S: Which vampire did you play? What’s his story?

R.R: I play Geoff. Rehabbing trust fund baby by day, blood sucking vampire by late afternoon. Like the rest of the Vampires, I’m a rich kid sent to rehab and experimented on to distressing results.
V.S: I see you got to have the cool blacked out eyes. Were the contacts real or computer generated?

R.R: Ah yes the black eyes! I love them! They are the single coolest thing (apart from the fangs) of being vamp-ed. But they started out brutal. I was given 18mm contact lenses (I think) and I guess since I’m not used to wearing contacts my eyes weren’t able to adjust. My eyes got all red and watery. So we switched them out for slightly smaller ones. And they worked great. You get severe tunnel vision when you’re wearing them.
V.S: Sounds like fun! You also got the long vamp claws/nails, what was the makeup process like?

R.R: Ridiculously fast. In and out in 15 minutes about. The only problem was once the claws are on using the washroom becomes a high risk event.

V.S: What else have you recently done?

R.R: This year is starting out pretty exciting for me. I did some voices for a video game coming out in the next few months. You can watch for me in the upcoming movie remake of the A-Team coming out June 11th. And if you’re in Vancouver for the Olympics you might catch me singing at some of the Olympic events with our own glee club.
V.S: “The A-Team” sounds exciting! I loved that show when I was a kid. So how do you spend your time when you’re not acting?

R.R: Dodging Paparazzi (laugh). Learnt how to speed read (sort of) so I’m reading quite a bit more.
V.S: What show would you REALLY like to guest star on?

R.R: I love “the Office”. Or anything Joss Whedon touches. But I really like period pieces. Cowboys. 50’s mafia. Glee. I know that’s not a period piece.
V.S: Joss Whedon! Good choice. He’s like a nerd god or something. I’m a huge fan of – basically all his work.
V.S: So, what are your ultimate goals for acting? Do you want to be super famous or just express yourself artistically?

R.R: Can’t it be both? 😛