Howie Lai

Howie Lai Howie Lai 

Howie Lai was born in Harbin, China and moved to Canada when he was barely a year old. His parents emphasized an importance in the arts, so Howie began his journey into performing at a young age. After graduating with a degree in political science, he dove deeply into the love he had for acting and the lessons of Shakespeare, voice and story that surrounded his childhood.

He graduated our Dramatic Arts Program Diploma in 2010 and began working on stage and in front of the camera, racking up some impressive credits. He also fulfilled opportunities to study in New York City, alongside renowned teacher, Patsy Rotenburg.

Here are some of Howie’s credits. For a complete list go to his IMDB page.


2012 Grave Encounters 2

2016 Monster Trucks

TV Series

2012 Alcatraz, Supernatural

2013 Fringe

2014 Strange Empire

2015 The Whispers, Fear the Walking Dead

2016 The Family, Second Chance

2017 Beyond, Arrow, Altered Carbon, The Arrangement


2015 The Blue Jet, Chiral

Check out some of Howie’s work: Demo Reel