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I did the Two Weeks Intensive and loved it. I learned so much more than I ever thought possible in just 2 weeks. Simon the owner/teacher and all his staff are truly amazing. They do all they can to help you with your goals. Doing the TWI really helped and confirmed that I am meant for acting. I had such a great time at VADA that I registered for the full-time program. I highly suggest this course and school to anyone who wants to be an actor/actress. Whether you have taken a course or not there is so much to learn at VADA.

Jessica Marie Simard

VADA alumni are often seen at my auditions, and the confidence they have acquired through their training never fails to set them apart from the crowd when it comes to booking the job. Talent may be something an actor is born with, but confidence and professionalism are learned. VADA is an excellent place to learn these skills.

Sean Milliken – Casting Director, Sean Milliken Casting
Sean Milliken Casting (Vancouver)

I have had excellent experiences with Simon Longmore, as he is always courteous and professional. I have cast both him and his students in my various projects. My many years in the film industry have allowed me the opportunity to work with many talented people and I would include Simon in that group.

Maureen Webb
Maureen Webb
Maureen Webb Casting (Vancouver)

My name is Jackie Lind and I am a Canadian casting director based in Vancouver whom on several occasions have been invited by Simon Longmore to sit on a panel to judge VADA’s annual show case. I am always pleasantly surprised with the calibre of actors in this event. They are well trained, confident and passionate students. For many years I have known Simon Longmore as a gifted actor, and of late have had the opportunity to see him pass on his talent and wealth of experience to his students. I am always confident when I have the opportunity to call any of his students into my auditioning room that they will be well prepared, professional and focused. VADA is a great school and I would recommend to anyone!

Jackie Lind - Casting Director, Jackie Lind Casting Ltd.
Jackie Lind – Casting Director, Jackie Lind Casting Ltd.
Jackie Lind Casting (Vancouver)

In the dealings that I have had with Simon and VADA, there has always been an essence of professionalism. They set the standard to which all others look to attain. The talent that is produced by VADA is easily comparable to talent located outside of Canada. I often see talent that has trained at VADA compete for jobs in the American movie market. Training at this studio will only help your career.

Dean E. Fronk - Pemrick/Fronk Casting (Los Angeles)
Dean E. Fronk – Pemrick/Fronk Casting (Los Angeles)
Pemrick/Fronk Casting (Los Angeles)

I have known Simon Longmore as an actor and Director of VADA for over seven years. While other acting schools were becoming insolvent, VADA remained a busy, creative centre, due to Simon’s ability to pass on his passion for acting and to do so with integrity. I often audition actors who have trained at VADA and they carry an air of expertise and confidence into the room, giving me confidence in Simon’s ability as a teacher. I always recommend actors continue their training, no matter at what stage they are in their career, and would not hesitate to recommend Simon and VADA.

Lynne Carrow
Lynne Carrow
Lynne Carrow Casting (Vancouver)

In my dealings with Simon, I have always found him to be extremely professional, enthusiastic and hardworking. I have always been very impressed with the caliber of his students.

Coreen Mayrs
Coreen Mayrs
Coreen Mayrs Casting Inc. (Vancouver) Emmy Award Winning Casting Director

Simon Longmore and the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts offer an impressive curriculum for the beginning as well as the professional actor. I have found my experiences with the actors at the Academy to be extremely positive. The caliber of student and the growth they have shown, as well as the opportunities to meet and work with professionals in the industry makes VADA a training facility worthy of consideration.

Paul Weber - Former in house casting director for MGM Worldwide
Paul Weber – Former in house casting director for MGM Worldwide
Former In-house casting director for MGM Worldwide Television & MGM feature casting consultant (Los Angeles)

I am always impressed with the performance quality at VADA Showcase and Scene Night events, and I keep an eye on the talent coming out of this school. Led by the very personable and talented Simon Longmore, VADA’s team of dedicated and accomplished professionals make it an excellent training choice for up and coming Actors of all ages and abilities. Simon’s training, personality and vast experience, along with his equally impressive faculty, make VADA uniquely equipped to prepare students for the film and television industry. If you want to train as an actor in Vancouver, VADA is the real deal.

Jenn Andrusco - CUE Agency
Jenn Andrusco
Cue Agency

I have known Simon Longmore and his work for many years. VADA is a highly reputable school and produces some very fine young talent, some of whom I have been lucky enough to work with over the years. VADA’s talent showcases are always enjoyable, well produced and concise, and as a talent agent who attends many of these types of productions, I really appreciate the professionalism Simon adheres to.

Kathy Carpenter - KC Talent
Kathy Carpenter
KC Talent